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Ronald Simmons

Born 1959, Syracuse NY 


FM High School, Fayetteville NY 

Provincetown Workshop Scholarship, Summer 1974 and 1975 

1975 MONY Scholastic Art Awards scholarship 

School of Visual Arts, NYC 

Syracuse University, School of VPA, BFA in Sculpture 1977-1981 

Picture framer’s assistant, Alan Brown Gallery, Hartsdale NY 1982-83. 

Involved in the Agri-Business as irrigation specialist for ten years while pursuing degrees in Gerontology and art education at graduate level. 

Spent time at the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park CA and The Longpoint Gallery, Provincetown, MA preparing and installing exhibitions. 

From early childhood to the present Ron has been pursuing his vision using primarily chiaroscuro and pastels on paper.  Freehand abstract drawing is his preferred mode of immersion in pursuing 

self-expression and self-knowledge. His influences include Anthony Caro, Tantric Art, Piero Della Francesca, Alberto Giacometti as well as the writings of critics Clement Greenberg and Norman Rosenthal. 

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