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Carl Geiger


• Lightwork 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Everson Museum, Syracuse NY, February 2023.

• Popup Gallery Photobusts, Everson Museum, 2023.

• Syracuse International Film and Video Festival, April 2006.

• Pioneers of Digital Photography, July 1998, Open Space Gallery, Allentown PA, traveling group show. Free Flow, May 1996, Street level Internet site, an open forum for ideas and images. The artists images mixed with those sent in via the internet. This was part of Big Important. Town, an art project presented in unoccupied real-estate in downtown Syracuse by 9 artists.

• Vista Fuel, Summer 1995, 6 half hour TV shows broadcast in Syracuse on 1YNYS and again on DUTV, Philadelphia (Summer 96). This well reviewed show was about art, life, love and travel. The work incorporated animation, abstract imaging and real story telling and has been referred to as “A Sesame Street for adults.” (Co-created with Amy Hufnagel.)

• -10 'N Cookin', Feb. 1994, a video tape about food and love in the winter of '94. Shown at the Athens International Film and Video Festival and the Slice of Life Festival.

• Stone Soup, Oct. 1993, Organized a FAX art show at Altered Space Gallery in Syracuse. Artists of all types FAXed in their art which was i hung in the gallery and refaxed to participating satellite art galleries.

• Jet Bark, Aug. 1993. A guerrilla inflatable gallery at the George Eastman house, Rochester. NY displaying the artists' silicon based photos.

• Spin Delicious, Nov. 1991, one person show at six Syracuse area Laundromats.

• Bubble Tumble, Oct. 1989, interactive video/inflatable sculpture in Syracuse store front window.

• Rubble Tumble, Dec. 1990 the above sculpture altered to discuss the Counties proposed trash incinerator. This show was closed down for being too political.

• Two Lots, Oct. 1987, performance art utilizing video hot computers showing human interaction from many points of view.

• WAVES OF FALL. Reverse Photo-Synthesis, Nov. 1982, one person show, Chapman Art Gallery, Cazenovia, NY.

• Photo Synthesis, 1980, one person show at the Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY.

• Image Processing, 1979, group show at The Kitchen, NY, NY.

• Comp-Moog-Mini, 1975, Conductor of several artists performing different pieces of video imaging equipment.

• Multi Origin Dance Piece, 1975, Dancers in 5 different locations around Syracuse University campus communicating through the Synapse Cable System.

Video Art

• The artist’s tapes include: Smooth Knots, Ebbing Foundations, Grass Jam, Tangled Journey, -10 'N Cookin', Vista Fuel and See Chord. These works have had viewers through numerous festivals, traveling shows, broadcasts and cable.


• BA, Syracuse University

• While at SU, Carl taught various courses for 5 years

• Co-founded the Synapse Video Center: an experimental two-way cable system and video production facility which invited video artists from around the country to produce their work.

Current Project

Photobusts: 3D photo-accurate sculptures of people. 2013 to present

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